Exotic Matter Conference & Workshop

Sat 19 - Sun 20 March

The White Building
Conference: Sat 19 Mar, 6 - 9pm, Free  
Workshop: Sat 19 - Sun 20 Mar, 10am - 6pm

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Exotic Matter is a two-day micro conference organised by Takram London in collaboration with SPACE. The event is designed to explore counter-intuitive approaches towards strange properties and ideologies in matter.

Novel materials are considered to be smart and adaptive to human uses, but how do they drive us into new sensations and bodily experiences to trigger new fantasies? Are we talking about mutable drugs in the future or infinite energy sources, which we cannot find a use for it as of yet?

During the conference we will discuss topics on how to bridge experiences in the material world with our expectations and desires of the futures. This can be seen as a geometrical and energetic drive towards exotic properties, conditions, fantasies and scenarios. We will take historical alchemic approaches into account, where liquid representations were formed by human habits and constitutions in the real world. We will grasp how those kind of representative, descriptive models for human desires will look like in the future.

How does the new playground of tomorrow's beliefs look like? It is about reflections on the sciences of materiality considering materials as carriers of what Bachelard calls the “unlimited capacities of imagination”. Therefore, the conference is seen as a kitchen for exotic road trips within the plausible.

Tell us why you want to join the Exotic Matter Workshop. Send us a short proposal (max. 150 words) on practical and critical approaches towards the genuine advantages between new technologies and its physical resonances in human fantasies. The workshop fee is £25 and includes materials. Please send your application to

Workshop run by Lukas Franciszkiewicz and Clemens Winkler

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The White Building
Sat 19 Mar, 6 – 9pm

***Speakers will be announced shortly***

The White Building
Workshop: Sat 19 - Sun 20 Mar, 10am - 6pm