AIR activities

1969 – 1972

EXHIBITIONS: 1969: Bromgsgrove Festival (Kinetic Art); Greenwich Theatre Gallery (Kinetic Art); Onnasch Gallery, Berlin and Stadt Gellsenkirchen (British Movements); Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham (Mutation Phenomena Exhibition 2); Nantenshi Gallery, Tokyo (British Print Exhibition); Camden Arts Centre, London (Survey ’69); Hamburg Kunstehaus (Public Eye); The Design Centre, London (Lighting for Living); FACOP Conference: Artists from across the country congregated at St Katharine Docks to discuss many facets of artists’ professional problems in relation to ACGB (Arts Council of Great Britain).

1970: Camden Arts Centre, London (Human Presence Exhibition); Courtauld Institute, London (series of solo exhibitions); Mannheim Gallery, London; Sigi Krauss Gallery, London; Joshua Taylor Gallery, Cambridge (S.P.A.C.E. Exhibition); Studio la Cittá, Verona, Italy.

1971: S.P.A.C.E. Exhibition programme – Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham; Geffrye Museum, London; Marble Hill House, London; Northern Ireland Arts Council Gallery, Belfast; Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, Dublin; Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Aberdeen Art Gallery. DM Gallery, London; Zella 9 Gallery, London; Art Spectrum, London; Perrins Art Gallery, London; Akademie der Kunste, Berlin (London Now in Berlin); Gallery 273, London; Greenwich Theatre Gallery.

1972: Lucy Milton Gallery, London; Festival of London Boroughs ’72; Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

AIR EVENTS AND FESTIVALS: 1969 – 72: Market ’70 Festival, London; Akademie der Kunste, Berlin (London Now in Berlin) 1971; Bristol Student Union Festival 1969; Hammersmith Study Group 1970; Midland Parks and Gardens 1970; Serpentine Gallery, London (Blow-Up 1971); Festival of London Boroughs ’72.

MISCELLANEOUS: 1969 – 71: Many portfolios of individual artists compiled for UK and abroad; hire of slides for lectures; lectures (Courtauld Institute, London); Publication ‘Catalyst’ 1969-72. Radio Diffusion Francaise 1969; Ministry of Public Buildings and Works 1969; London Tourist Board 1970; Trinity College, Cambridge 1970; National Gallery, Victoria, Australia 1970; Stanley Kubrick (Hire of work for film) 1970; Evening Standard 1971; Inner London Education Authority 1971; County Hall, Hertford (Lecture) 1971; BBC Review Programme (Hire of work) 1971; Windsor Festival Fringe 1971; ‘Alternative London’ Publication 1971; Campaign for Museum Charges (mailing list supplied) 1971; University of Sussex (Hire of work); Publicity week at Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, and Welsh Arts Council, Cardiff, 1972.

SALES OF WORK AND COMMISSIONS 1969 – 71: Chermayeff & Geismar Ass. Inc.; Croydon Education Committee; Westinghouse Electric, USA; Lindblad Travel Inc., USA; Somerville College, Oxford; Chase Manhattan Bank; Colefax/Fowler Ass Ltd.; International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation. Plus many individual purchasers. Supported by Arts Council of Great Britain, John Gainsborough of Arts Review and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. From AIR publication c.1972.