HOW TO GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD: a vocal technological workshop
15 March 2018

Thu 15 Mar, 6.30-8pm
SPACE Mare Street
£7/5 Book tickets here

HOW TO GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD is a vocal workshop facilitated by Andrew Kerton and Vivienne Griffin, ahead of the new podcast THE AGONY.

The workshop is open to any and all levels of artists/non-artists and gives the participants the opportunity to work with Andrew Kerton on the Middendorf breathwork technique. Andrew will guide participants through the workshop for 45 minutes followed by an introduction to close mic binaural recording by Vivienne Griffin. Griffin is interested in extended vocal technique and the ASMR phenomenon.

Kerton is an artist who came into contact with Middendorf atemtherapie (breath therapy) through his Berlin-based mentor, who had studied directly with Ilse Middendorf.

The approach recognises specific areas of resonance in the body where different vowel and consonant sounds are produced vocally. In this way, the technique sees the body as a sort of echo-chamber where, through vocalisation, we can begin to describe our internal volume through resonance and vibration.

Griffin will produce works and invite guests to submit a range of aural material in her upcoming podcast THE AGONY. From experimental sound works, tarot readings, improvised noise to voice memos THE AGONY is a podcast that breaks from the formulaic approach to this media. No prosaic introductions will contextualize the range of works that will become episodes. THE AGONY is a hypothetical space for sound that can be anything from one second (00:00:01) to one year long (8765:00:00) or more or less and inserted into the biohacking, self-help genre of podcasts that looks for alternative ways to transcend the human condition.