Hype Williams – Gyptian Lover
13 Aug – 15 Aug 2010

This August the SPACE programme will reopen with an exhibition and performance cycle by Hype Williams.

Opening and performance: Thursday 12th August 6pm – 9pm

Hype Williams are adept at conjuring ambiguous and sensual environments through their musical and artistic productions. Channelling myriad influences (entheogens/psychotropics , mysticism, esoterica, obsolete technology, net culture, street vernacular, death cults, American pop culture, improvisational music, Noise) Hype Williams have developed into an ever changing concatenation of forms, ideas and attitudes. 

Originally a two-person music collective founded in London in 2008, Hype Williams’ project has expanded to include a broad network of collaborators and participants. Though still grounded in musical production and live shows, they now compliment these activities with works in a variety of media including video, sculpture, installation and performance.

Gyptian Lover will see the Gallery transformed into an active production space where artworks, events and live music will be presented by as part of a three-day exhibition. 

This will be Hype Williams’ second presentation at SPACE following their involvement in Destroy All Monsters: Hungry For Death in February 2010. Then, they occupied the Annexe for The White Powder Truth Sessions, a two-day residency peaking with an open-invite improvised session by the Bo Khat Family Band.