!MEDIENGRUPPE BITNIK: Too Big to Fail Too Small to Succeed

3 Sep – 2 Oct 2010

An Intervention into the financial systems of London and Zurich: From Crisis to Crime to Punishment.

Reconaissance, media technologies and advertsing playfully probe the blind spots of the financial districts and question the shift in power from state to corporation.

This is Swiss artist collective !Mediengruppe Bitnik’s first UK solo exhibition and is presented concurrently with an exhibition at Les Complices in Zurich. It follows their three-month PERMACULTURES residency at SPACE investigating the parasitic potential of media-based systems against the backdrop of the financial crises. !Mediengruppe Bitnik describe their work as an ‘explorative practice’ to determine how systems can be subverted, interfered with and transformed.

Too Big To Fail / Too Small To Succeed is kindly supported by Swiss Cultural Fund in Britain.

PERMACULTURES Artists residencies: Media, technology & ecologies

Preview: Thursday 2nd September 6pm – 9pm