10 Feb 2016

Fleur Melbourn / Rebecca Jagoe

The White Building
Wed 10 Feb 2016
6 – 8pm
This Time With FEELing artist in residence Fleur Melbourn and writer Rebecca Jagoe host a text-based performance that will form part of a future novel with Eros Press. The individual chapters of the novel will be realised through a series of talks and performances that aim to construct a fictional character, one organ at a time. For their OpenPROCESS event, technology will interfere and augment the body of the text, simultaneously disrupting and mutating the narrative.

What is it to conceive a man? To dream her into existence? From the fine bony membrane of the inner ear to the putty-clay lubricant of the anal canal? Relations will be drawn out between the authors: between protagonist, creator and narrator, as they simultaneously seek to assist and undermine each other’s attempts to breathe life into the creature.

OpenPROCESS is a platform that responds to process-led practice. The series explores artistic production as a framework for discussion, investigating what it means to foreground process as the subject of display and exploration.