Beyond Chaos : Roy Ascott and Robert Pepperell (Hex) in conversation
12 Feb 2012

Artist and theorist Roy Ascott joins founder member of Hex Robert Pepperell in a relaxed and open discussion. 

Sunday 12 Feb 3.30pm - 6 pm Event is free to attend

Listen to the audio recording of the event here.

With former students including Brian Eno, Pete Townshend, Stephen Willats and Paul Sermon, since 1962, Roy Ascott has pioneered the creative use of cybernetics, technologies and interactive media in art. He coined the term ‘telematic art’ - the integrated use of computer communications networks - and has been instrumental in projects from the Venice Biennale to Ars Electronica. As an Art Educator he established the radical ‘Groundcourse’ programme in both London and Ipswich, and went on to teach in Toronto, San Francisco, Vienna and Newport, Wales. He is the founding president of the Planetary Collegium, the international research network based in Plymouth University and was the subject of a solo retrospective exhibition at SPACE in 2011.

Born in London in 1963, Robert Pepperell studied at the Slade School of Art, leaving in 1988. Throughout the late 1980s and 1990s as a member of Hex he exhibited at the Barbican Gallery, Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art, the ICA, and the Millennium Dome. He has published several influential books, including The Posthuman Condition (1995 and 2003) and The Postdigital Membrane (with Michael Punt, 2000), as well as many articles, reviews and papers. He is currently Professor of Fine Art and Head of the Fine Art Department at Cardiff School of Art & Design.