Isadora (Introduction + Level 1)

9 Nov – 11 Nov 2012

3 Day Course

Date: Friday 9th - Sunday 11th November 2012
Times: 10.30am to 4.30pm

Price: £230.00

Instructor: Jamie Griffiths

Enquiries: 020 8525 4330 /

This 3 day introductory workshop with Jamie Griffiths is aimed at visual artists, VJs, DJs, singers, musicians, performance artists, choreographers and film-makers, but is also suitable for anyone wanting to learn entry-level interactive programming.

Jamie offers 6 months of follow up email consultations for all workshop participants and one-on-one consultation sessions throughout the workshop process. 

This introductory and level one workshop with Jamie Griffiths is a fast-track entry into interactive Live Art design that frees you up from perceived programming limitations, giving you the confidence and skills you need to start experimenting with interactive designs using Isadora software. Isadora is graphical programming software that you build up with modules, without needing to learn complex programming languages. No prior programming experience is needed. Isadora can interactively control cameras, video, sound, lights and sensors. This introductory weekend workshop focuses on learning how to design a small interactive gallery or performance space, for interactive control of video and sound. 

About Jamie Griffiths
“[Jamie’s work] is some of the best visual design work I have ever seen done with Isadora” 
Mark Coniglio. Creator of Isadora Software

Jamie Griffiths is a UK born photographer, film director, performer, experimentalist, interactive computer media artist & community gallerist. Jamie emigrated to Canada in her early 20's but retains a strong foothold in Europe, collaborating & performing with other artists and teaching workshops.

Innovations in experimental photographic darkroom techniques led Jamie into film-making and interactive performance collaborations with dance and music, using interactive software, motion capture/trigger techniques and wireless hand controllers. Her latest works include 3D video-projection & the birthing of her 'pseudo-robot' called I.V.Y. 

Jamie is a researcher in projection technology & adjunct professor in Film & Theatre at the University of British Columbia, teaches conceptual photography and presents workshops internationally on art and interactive technology.