MzTEK at Future Everything

14 May 2011

SPACE and MzTEK partnered for a special workshop in Manchester at the FutureEverything festival.

This workshop covered how to use the basic electronic components (switch, potentiometer, resistor, capacitor etc) and introduced how to control a micro-controller, Atmega 168 using the open-source Arduino software.

Attendees created your own lighting patterns, such as texts and images and also develop a simple game, using a bespoke led-matrix circuit.


- a power supply (output: 12V, over 1A): Yes! Finally something to do with all those old phone chargers! Please check your power chargers for a mobile phone, a computer or other electronic devices.

- a laptop if you can, with Arduino software installed. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, you will still be able to take part in the workshop. A small number of laptops are available to use on the day.

This fantastic workshop was led by Eunjoo Shin, an artist who explores interaction design, sound and public installation. Her art works have been featured in many venues, including FILE festival 2009 in Sao Paulo, Peadhead at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council in New York and Seoul Art Center in Seoul. Her work, Vocal Trio was selected as one of the best interaction designs by the Korean Federation of Design Associations, and published in the design yearbook, CREATIO 2009.