Workshop: Art Pose Flow

Wed 4 Mar 2020
SPACE Ilford
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Wed 4 Mar 6.30pm – 8.30pm
SPACE Ilford
Book here

Join Art + Tech residency artist Libby Heaney for a yoga-inspired, participatory workshop that considers how the body has been represented in art, how historical forms of bodily beauty and acceptability are now being translated into code and how these biases in machine learning datasets can be dismantled through play.

Working in pairs, the artist-instructor will guide you through a sequence of poses known and unknown from western and non-western art, which you will film in order to create a new data set for the artist’s research. At the start of the class, the artist will demonstrate how your videos will be broken down and used for training the machine learning algorithm. The act of filming throughout the workshop helps us to understand the often invisible yet omnipresent surveillance mechanisms embedded within our environments.

After the flow has finished, the artist-instructor will lead a group discussion exploring the connections between theory, body and emotions that arose during the sequence.

The artist-instructor believes that art historical poses should incorporate everyone. This workshop is suitable for absolute beginners of any gender, race, class and for both able and disabled participants. Pets also encouraged. Please bring a towel or a yoga mat and your camera phone.

Please note: filming will be taking place throughout the workshop. Your videos will be kept private; they will not be viewed by anyone but the artist and you can request for them to be destroyed at any point.