EMMA Zine Launch: The Voice of Arlington

2 November 2017

Thu 2 Nov, 6.30 – 9pm
Hosted by the Koenig bookshop
at the Whitechapel Gallery

Launch of editions #11, #12 and #13 of EMMA, the ‘zine produced by residents of Arlington with artist Brian Baderman.

EMMA celebrates the creativity of the people connected with Arlington hostel. Each issue showcases artwork, illustrations, articles and poems that bravely explore a range of difficult experiences related to being homeless. The content is raw, honest and at times funny. Much of the artwork featured in EMMA is produced in The Creative Space workshops. It isn’t created with a certain audience in mind or to fit with a brand message, it’s pure creativity as an emotional outlet.

The name of the magazine is an acronym that changes from issue to issue.

Issue #4 was Enlightening. Manic. Metaphysical. Agnostic. Issue #5 stood for Emotive. Magnanimous. Magnificient. Awesome.

The name may change but the main aim of EMMA is always to help restore the dignity, self-esteem and motivation of those who are homeless through enabling creative expression.