Output Arts, Constellations

December 2022
Stoke Newington, Hackney N16

Hackney school children are working with SPACE artists to create a special trail of stars that will light up Stoke Newington throughout the winter months.

Constellations‘ is a new winter lighting project from See You in Stokey and SPACE artists Andy D’Cruz and Jonathan Hogg of Output Arts. Working with local school children, as well as the wider community, the project brings a host of bright stars to the neighbourhood’s streets and considers the invisible lines that connect each of us together.

Get involved and make eco-stars for your windows at the

19 November, 1 – 5pm, The Old Church, N16 9ES

26 November, 1 – 5pm, St Paul’s Church, N16 7UY

This project has been funded by Hackney Council’s High Street Recovery Fund

Output Arts is an art collective founded in 2009 that has a SPACE studio in Stoke Newington Library.

We make site-specific, interactive and participatory audiovisual artworks and experiences.

We engage in a process of collaboration and refinement that brings together traditional and modern artistic techniques. We work with a variety of physical and time-based material –  sometimes researched from a community through sensitive questioning – and combine this with thoughtful and careful use of digital technology.

Through this, we generate playful and poignant artworks that distil the enormity of an idea – such as the experience of loss or the wind – into an intimate contemplation. We create surprising and accessible artworks that encourage our audience to be active agents in the discovery of stories that unfold over time.

Output Arts is a UK registered partnership between artists Andy D’Cruz and Jonathan Hogg.