School’s (Not Quite) Out For Summer 2016
30 July 2016

Audible Information
Sat 30 July
1 – 5pm
Here East
Children and their families are invited to join Owl Project for a drop in session exploring sound.

Owl Project's practice mixes both analogue and digital worlds - both are reliant on coding for communication.

Audible Information is a schools based workshop that examines a range of different systems of sending code; handclaps, vibrations, electromagnetic and sound waves distributing some times binary based, sometimes vocal based messages.

Simon Blackmore - co-founder of Owl Project -  has devised new digital technology which responses to a spoken, tapped or clapped binary pattern of ten counts by creating letters. Can you guess what the pattern is below?


Yes that's right it spells Owl (not the actual codes)

Join us on Saturday 30th July to test out different ways of communicating, and see if you can clap your own 3 letter word.

Audible Information is a School's Out For Summer event for SPACE's Summer School, supported by Foundation For FutureLondon, and is part of Crossovers weekend.