Sabrina Tirvengadum and Mark Allred, Future Focus: New Terrain

16 Oct – 13 Nov 2023
10 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4AE

Artworks by SPACE studio artists Sabrina Tirvengadum and Mark Allred are showcased in the group exhibition called ‘FVTVRE FOCUS: New Terrain’. This new program is committed to exploring contemporary trends in art through photography to promote a better future.

This new body of work expands on Sabrina’s personal exploration into diasporan identity and her Mauritian heritage through family archival photos, taking viewers on a transformative journey of self-discovery and introspection. Her ancestral research into the Indian indenture system led to the discovery of a surprising connection to a French aristocratic surname, prompting her to examine the implications of hidden family narratives carried through the generations.

This investigative process seeks to uncover the family’s complex past through imagery alone, reminding us of photography’s power to describe the unseen and unsaid. Through the process of reimagining the past using AI generators and digital painting, Sabrina takes ownership. Dramatic new worlds are born that fuse real and altered realities, rebuilding the fractured figures within the frame and, in turn, her own past, present and future.