Applied Isadora Workshop
25 Aug – 26 Aug 2012

2 Day Course

Date: Saturday 25th + Sunday 26th August 2012
Times: 10.30am to 4.30pm

Price: £150.00

Instructor: Jamie Griffiths

Enquiries: 020 8525 4330 /

This 2 day intensive workshop with Jamie Griffiths is a follow on from her introduction / intermediate level INTERACTIVE ARTS WITH ISADORA SOFTWARE course aimed at visual artists, VJs, DJs, singers, musicians, performance artists, choreographers and film-makers. 

Jamie offers 6 months of follow up email consultations for all workshop participants and one-on-one consultation sessions throughout the workshop process. 

- Conceptualising for Interactive Media (performances and installations)
- Setting up video projection equipment & screens for an interactive stage
- Video tracking using Kinect camera and traditional RGB cameras on a stage.
- Performing for a live camera; concepts, tips & tricks 
- Overhead trigger zones on a live stage or installation
- Control Panels for Stage Managers/Lighting Operators or the general public
- Group work & Collaborative programming on a chosen theme. 

- 3D particle systems in Isadora.
- 3D texture mapping in Isadora
- Apple scripts to create live folders to autoload media files into Isadora
- Wireless live still photography into Isadora
- Mapping techniques for handheld controllers, Wii, iOS and Arduino via JunXion software
- Group work & Collaborative programming on a chosen theme. 
- Group Performance presentations

About Jamie Griffiths
“[Jamie’s work] is some of the best visual design work I have ever seen done with Isadora” 
Mark Coniglio. Creator of Isadora Software

Jamie Griffiths is a UK born photographer, film director, performer, experimentalist, interactive computer media artist & community gallerist. Jamie emigrated to Canada in her early 20's but retains a strong foothold in Europe, collaborating & performing with other artists and teaching workshops.

Innovations in experimental photographic darkroom techniques led Jamie into film-making and interactive performance collaborations with dance and music, using interactive software, motion capture/trigger techniques and wireless hand controllers. Her latest works include 3D video-projection & the birthing of her 'pseudo-robot' called I.V.Y. 

Jamie is a researcher in projection technology & adjunct professor in Film & Theatre at the University of British Columbia, teaches conceptual photography and presents workshops internationally on art and interactive technology.

Photo Credits: 
Photos 1, 3, 4 by Jamie Griffiths
Photos 2, 5, 6, 7 by by Michi Meier