Curating Sound Art; approaches to the production and curation of multichannel sound art

4 Apr - 5 Apr 2015

Date: Sat 4 Apr - Sun 5 Apr 2015
Time: 12pm – 4pm
Price: £120 general admission, £90 concession


About the workshop: 
This workshop is aimed at artists, gallerists and producers interested in the reception of sonic and audiovisual art. We will focus on strategies for the curation of sound-based media in exhibition contexts. It will be explicitly demonstrated through a practical exposition of two works which are networked to allow for collective exhibition in a shared space. 

Practical issues around the exhibition of multiple time-based sound works in the same space will be addressed and technical solutions will be proposed and demonstrated. Examples given range from shows using 3-D multi-speaker environments to D.I.Y interventions in public spaces, incorporating the use of media and tools including kinetic sculpture, physical computing and apps. 

What you will need: 
Participants are encouraged to bring sound pieces in any state of completion that they feel could benefit from being networked with other sound pieces in a exhibition context. These could exist on laptops, Arduino or other physical computing based projects, kinetic sound sculpture, playback devices such as mp3 players, smartphones, DMX lights etc. 

Tom Slater is an artist and researcher who works with digital media and physical computing to build immersive audiovisual environments. Currently a director of Call & Response and PhD researcher at University College Falmouth, Tom’s creative practice revolves around how sound and image producing technologies affect our understanding of spatial dis/embodiment.

Jeremy Keenan is a sonic artist and a director of Call & Response. His current line of practice involves the development of new strategies in generative composition, live electronic music performance, and sound installation. Jeremy composes works using motion, recording, feedback, and light. 
Jeremy has a PhD from Goldsmiths College, London in Studio Composition. He is of no known relation to the anthropologist of the same name. 

0208 525 4330