Mortal Toys
1 March 2018

Thu 1 Mar, 6-7.30pm
SPACE Mare Street
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In the workshop Mortal Toys participants will be invited to join a performative game created by Paul Wiersbinski in collaboration with Mariana Nobre Vieira, in which they try out prototypes of video glasses connected to wireless surveillance cameras. They will experiment with transmitted body movements, improvised choreographies, be “controlled” and take “control” of others. A hybrid space is created, in which the ideas behind science fiction films are combined with a playful approach.
The aim is to experiment with a scenario in which haptic and virtual reality exist next to each other, allowing controlled as well as unrestricted symbolic overlapping areas of language and image. This possibility mirrors the limitless contemporary play with money, power and resources. Ultimately participants will explore the violence of a society focused on algorithmic speed, which constantly pushes for the destruction of haptic and public space through an accelerated concept of time and efficiency.
The resulting discussion will reflect on notions of immaterialness and intimacy, surveillance as a perverted form of care-taking, technology pointing inwards and the crucial role it plays in the here and now and its future role in social interaction. The workshop will confront these stories of self-dissolvement, our submerging, drowning and diving into the illusions we create, as we explore the origins of illusions. The word itself deriving from “in-lusio”, meaning to enter a game.


Mariana Nobre Vieira is a former economist who in 2013 changed career paths to become a contemporary dancer, becoming a founding member of The Rabbit Hole artistic collective in which she has worked intensively throughout the night life and performing art scenes in Lisbon. She is now part of the SODA (Solo, Dance, Authorship) Master program in HZT/UDK Berlin, focusing her research in space between performance and installation. With her work focusing on generating situations where performativity is activated by subjects other than herself.

This workshop is supported by the Goethe Institut, as part of the on-going SPACE / Goethe Residency, this year entitled (in)transit, of which Paul is the recipient.