Patrick Staff — The Nudist in Two Parts / part one, A Play, In Rehearsal

21 Apr 2012

A Play, In Rehearsal: part one of The Nudist In Two Parts, an investigation into the history of naturism through scripts, sets and amateur productions.

Performance starts at 7pm and will last for 30/45 mins. A bar will be provided.

Taking the format of a fragmented and unfinished theatrical piece, the project aims to explore shifting social values of the body and its place in relation to civil disobedience, economic crisis, state legislation and forms of collectivity in a counter cultural context. The divergent materials through which a theatre project is conceived and delivered - script, set, workshops, rehearsals and performances, alongside correspondences and designs - are utilised in the project to present multiple, and at times disjointed, viewpoints into which the story of this particular history is considered, presented or performed.

A second performed rehearsal took place in SPACE's Courtyard on the 12th May.

Patrick Staff is an artist based in London. His video, installation and performance pieces interrogate the political, physical and material implications of social spaces, historiography, and ideological frameworks of value. He uses abstracted physical movements and dialogue, performance, collective work and obscuring structures for research, production and the moving image to be made malleable. He frequently works collaboratively with a range of artists, theorists, historians and community groups.