SHS #6: Megan Rooney – 0% PROMISE

7 Jul – 14 Jul 2013

Solo show by Megan Rooney.

Preview, Saturday 6 July, 7-9pm.

Enjoy. Your life. And we say power and bet on truth. The short answers of value and extensions. A few small decisions coaching towards the thought world. Unstuff or our reinvention. She is a woman. Reboot future depends on this alive spirituality. Smile. 

FUCK she got me in a low power pose. I promised her happiness of quality. Sorry. But not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever. It was a tough lesson. It was edible and there was shit everywhere. Simple and artificial surrounded your body. We lay on the floor and touched each other. The wise feeling of the day slipping through. Defeated in these life groups we tried to remember what had actually happened. Was it just a good night? Was it more? Was this my second life? It was burning ripe. 

Overblown. She was hysterical on gin cursing the scene. Trying to savour the summer. Trying to keep everything other. She laboured like a bitch. Growing. Slowing. Choosing the font. rolling on the carpet. Lifting her legs slowing up and down. Losing count. Naughty cat pissing outside her litter box. We remade the made and said we were sorry. We designed our own me no think so. It was a rally and you were the money. Miss social and a growing naked energy. She had a terrified depth to her love. It moved us and at the same time we wanted nothing to do with her. We tried to merge the feeling. Took a drive in our parents SUV. Made videos out the sunroof. Stopped at the SUB to see what trash was there. Oh god. It was such a small town.

Part of SHS: SPACE’s summer exhibition and event programme. SHS featured a series of London debut solo exhibitions - respectively by Chelmsford Film Society, Sarah Rara and Megan Rooney - as well as events by Wojciech Kosma, Book Works and Lucky Dragons.