LCN Story: Photographer Jonathan Goldberg
December 17


Jonathan Goldberg
is a London-based portrait, documentary and commercial photographer.

What new product, service, business system or project are you introducing to your practice and why?
I have improved my filming skills on the LCN programme. I had little experience of certain filming equipment prior to attending the Video Module day-course at Photofusion. It was invaluable to have hands-on experience with a multitude of tools that steady cameras and produce quality footage, as well as recording devices for maximising sound output. We were divided into groups, so learning was fun as well as effective in the allotted time. The follow up of a day learning about Premier was useful too. However the best part of it for me was an individual mentoring session with an experienced filmmaker, whose enthusiasm and positive input prompted me to spend hours perfecting a film that I had abandoned.

What was the main motivation behind your application to the LCN programme?

My motivation for taking up the programme was to increase my knowledge in areas that are not what I previously felt confident in producing – such as film.

What is the most useful advice or tips you’ve been given on the programme so far?
Most useful tips relate to social media, publicity and filming. With filming they relate to my project The Runway Stops Here, where I was able to improve the sound and omit a large chunk of footage from a previous edit.

What plans do you have after participating with LCN?
Planning to continue progressing in film, as well as other professional and personal work. I will continue meeting up with a group of friends and colleagues whom I met on LCN, for mentoring and stimulating one another.