KERNEL – Inputs, Loops and Anchors

25 Jan – 17 Mar 2013

ANNEXE: A debut UK solo presentation by KERNEL

Living and working between London and Athens, KERNEL comprises architect Pegy Zali and artists Petros Moris and Theodoros Giannakis. Since their formation in 2009 KERNEL have operated variably as artists, curators, writers, designers, and publishers; producing projects involving artists such as Seth Price, Dexter Sinister, Aleksandra Domanovic, Paul Chan, Oliver Laric and Lucky PDF, amongst many others.

KERNEL’s recent work has seen the group relate ‘extensive’ research into economics, information systems, societal spaces and social structures to ‘intensive’ material productivity. Indeed, this very idea - the ‘re-imagination of information as material’ - is at the very heart of Inputs, Loops and Anchors, a project produced in collaboration with Athens based metal formulation company CNC solutions.

KERNEL’s recent exhibitions include Young London, V22, 2012, 3rd Athens Biennale, Monodrome, Diplareios School, Athens 2011; XYZ Outlet #18: KERNEL (Index of Potential, XYZ Outlet, Athens 2011 and projects like KAM Workshops ) Shelves, Center of Mediterranean Architecture, Chania 2009 and SFD, National Technical University, Athens 2009. It has organized curatorial projects like Word of Mouth for the 3rd Athens Biennale, Athens 2011; THE PUBLIC SCHOOL in Athens, 2011; BYOB London, The Woodmill, London 2011 and Full/Operational/Toolbox, M21, Athens 2010.

Inputs, Loops and Anchors is kindly sponsored by CNC Solutions.