MzTEK: sketchPatch Fun & Games
2 Oct 2010

sketchTag - programming made fun!

Come and collaborate on animations and interactive drawings, created by you from the code up! This is a fun and easy way for everyone to share code, newbies and experts alike.

sketchPatch in an online programming playground, using the programming language Processing. 

The workshop is a game of tag, in which everyone contributes to each others sketch. It will be an opportunity for complete novices to get tinkering with some easy code, and experts can merrily play along showing off and passing on skills.

At the end of the day we will print sketches out and turn them into BADGES!!!!!!!


sketchPatch is featured in the "Unleashed Devices"exhibition at Waterman's gallery, and will be taking part in London Digital Design week at the V&A 25th & 26th September... so make a sketch and you can get your work in there too!