IASPIS Residency #3: Klas Eriksson

1 Oct – 24 Dec 2013

Klas Eriksson (SE) is interested in control and power and their limitations. He expresses himself through performance, video and sculpture.

Eriksson’s point of departure is mass (and mob) culture, employing various strategies; he explores our notions of authenticity, power and artistic expression.Eriksson gained his MFA at the Royal Institute of Fine Art in Stockholm 2010. Recent projects by the artist have been realised at the Copenhagen Art Festival (2012), Bucharest Biennale 5 (2012) and Gothenburg International Biennale (2011).

In London, Eriksson will explore London’s architecture and public space, and through this process develop a large scale public performance.

Klas Eriksson’s residency is generously supported by IASPIS.